The Bruce Group

We are an experienced real estate team who believe in the power of connecting people and places. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy, knowledgeable, and patient as we assist clients in selling or buying their most valuable investment - a home.

Melissa Bruce, Realtor® + Owner

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Meet Melissa

“I love being the connector for people and places. I connect buyers with their home and I connect sellers with the right buyer. Getting to be a part of someone's most important investment in their lives is so rewarding!”

Melissa started her real estate career in appraising, mapping, and customer service. Since 2019, she has served as a buyers agent and proven great success year after year. After serving with an experienced real estate team, she founded Bruce Real Estate Group and now leads a team of agents, a closing coordinator, and marketing professionals. Her knowledge of new construction and resale transactions as well as experience with the community and the competitive market makes her a valuable resource to all clients. She is focused on listings while mentoring her buyer’s agents in serving buyers.

Pamela Lankford
Closing Coordinator + Business Manager

“I am so excited and honored to get to be a part of this amazing team! As the Closing Coordinator I get to make sure all the details are taken care of so that our clients have a smooth transition. I am also excited to learn and grow as I assist with the whole team so that buyers and sellers can find and sell their home easily.”

Pamela is the closing coordinator and business manager for Bruce Real Estate Group. She not only has a desire to serve the community, but she also brings 14 years of Real Estate Closing experience to the team. She leads the team in closing processes, accurate document preparation, scheduling and serves as a liaison between the buyers, sellers, attorneys, builders, agents and lenders. All of which are crucial for a smooth transaction. Her relationships with agents, attorneys and lenders enables her to find solutions and serve our clients exceptionally.

Lila Ryan, Realtor® + Buyer's Agent

“Real estate can be a confusing market, my job is to make you feel confident in your home buying decisions, and to help make sure you are fully prepared when you are ready to make an offer on your dream home. You don’t have to navigate the real estate market alone, I am here to help you every step of the way.”

Lila joined the team by serving in many capacities to ensure that the buying and selling processes are smooth for our clients. She now serves the team as a Buyer’s Agent. Her degree in Finance and heart for serving people enable her to assist clients in navigating the home buying process with ease.

Amber Bellflower, Realtor® + Buyer's Agent

“It is such a privilege to be entrusted to be able to find the perfect home for our buyers - whether it be a first time homebuyer or someone looking for a game day home on the loveliest village on the plains.”

Amber has served in the real estate industry since 2013 with extensive experience as a Real Estate Mortgage Underwriter and Processor. Most recently, she has assisted buyers and sellers as a Real Estate Closing Assistant for a local law firm. Her knowledge of transactions and processes makes her an incredible resource to our buyers as they negotiate and navigate the complex closing processes. Her love for interacting with people makes her a great connector as she communicates between clients, agents, lenders, and closing attorneys.